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West Beach Parks



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West Beach Parks

Pool Upgrade

This project comprised of the Demolition of two existing swimming pools and associated paths, vegetation and plant room structure. The new construction consists of one new free form lagoon type swimming pool which will be complimented with new decking, viewing areas, safety fencing and associated plant room to house all the pool equipment. Above the pool are newly erected shade sails & lighting which will accommodate the new design. The pool concourse comprised a high level of exposed aggregate concrete finish to accommodate the new contemporary feel. In conjunction with FMG, Partek worked closely to ensure Inspection Test Plans were adhered to closely to ensure both the infrastructure, quality & operations of the new facility were not compromised & met the level required to deliver a high end product a project of this nature entails.

As the Caravan Park was occupied, Partek worked closely with West Beach Parks to ensure noise levels were continually programmed & monitored whilst maintaining & not compromising the very stringent program set out to complete works prior to the busy summer months. Partek maintained a high level of safety management with the requirement of large vehicular access entering the site with particular emphasis during holiday periods where the park had a high volume of residence & children.

Partek tirelessly provided the most economical solutions to inevitable problems that arose during construction.

Michael Honey / Star of the Sea School