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Pulteney Grammar School



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Pulteney Grammar School

Centre for Senior Learning

The Centre for Senior Learning, One Ninety, is a vibrant new home for Pulteney’s senior sub-school, accommodating 300 students across three interconnected levels within re purposed retail buildings. Housing administration, learning studios, breakout zones, study areas, meeting pods and conference areas, balcony spaces and staff preparation, the facility required a strong separate identity while retaining campus cohesion and a sense of community.

The 190 Sub School included the construction, extension and refurbishment of the existing Arts and Music Facility into New Learning, Teaching and Administration Areas including new, lift core facilities, culminating new expansive open shared learning facilities and accommodating wet areas for both student and staff. All services were fully upgraded in combination with Earthquake restraint requirements throughout. The external Facades were complimented with new Landscaped areas and external pod learning structures which accommodated new teaching and learning spaces.

The second stage to Allan Wheaton House included the complete refurbishment of internal spaces including new reception facilities and upgrades to entrance and wet areas to accommodate for those with disabilities. All new office spaces were provided including upgrade to existing kitchen facilities and additional kitchen provisions on the upper level to create a more diverse user friendly space. The building was serviced with a new fully air conditioned system and complimented with new architecturally designed lighting design. The external fabric was also enhanced with new ramp and porch in keeping with heritage listed requirements.

The project was completed on time, within budget and with the upmost quality.

With good coordination, planning and communications we have delivered a very good facility.

Jim Guffogg / BAE Systems Australia