St. Joseph’s School Hindmarsh


St. Joseph’s School Hindmarsh



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St. Joseph’s School Hindmarsh

Mackillop Centre of Learning

The part-refurbishment of St Joseph’s School exhibited the Partek commitment to exceeding client expectations, finishing nearly two months ahead of contractual completion.

Forward planning and coordination of trades through established long-standing relationships between the Partek team and numerous sub-contractors, delivered seamless outcomes on-site despite numerous logistical challenges encompassed with the size and location of the site.

The $2-million dollar, seven month start-to-finish build incorporated high-level finishes, intricate joinery and mezzanine features which melded seamlessly with the school’s existing heritage architecture.

All involved in the construction project from Partek’s side should be commended for their level of professional ability and knowledge and we would have no hesitation in considering Partek for future capital projects at the College.

Mark Clayton / Investigator College