Work, Health & Safety

Partek’s number one priority is that everyone returns home safe each day and we hold an exceptional safety record.

Safety is a key metric for every team member and we’re in constant communication with all stakeholders to explore ways to increase wellbeing across our sites. Partek invests a large amount of resources into an Integrated Management System and WHSE software, both dedicated to managing and improving our safety.

Partek is certified to ISO 45001:2018, with yearly external audits peformed by TQCSI.

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We’re visitors to the sites we work on and, as such, treat the environment with care. Partek is invested in minimising the collective impact our industry can have on the environment.

This spurred the birth of the Partek ‘Environmental Management System’ and certification in ISO 14001:2015. It’s a system our staff use to implement site plans with specific environmental controls and monitoring programs.

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Quality assurance, the third safety and sustainability pillar, is essential to Partek’s management system. We operate under an ISO 9001 standard-approved quality assurance system, which we continually update based on learnings on-site.

A valuable business tool, the Quality Assurance System ensures all tasks are ticked off, in line with industry best practice. We regularly audit this code, internally and externally, to certify that the system is being adhered to and optimised.

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Partek + Hammertech

Safety and quality are at the forefront of any project with Partek.

We pride ourselves on ensuring each and every one of our projects are safe and secure for not only those subcontractors working onsite, but anyone who visits. By adapting this attitude, we create a positive work environment in which we can maintain the highest quality product for our customers.

Hammertech is an online QHSE (quality, health, safety & environment) platform that we introduced to Partek in 2018.

Everything can be done by the palm of your hand in real time, ensuring accessibility and accountability across our projects in order to maximise our performance. Partnering with Hammertech has guaranteed we are on top of our safety & quality 100% of the time.


How Hammertech has improved our QHSE System.

Hammertech has provided an efficient, streamlined solution in which we can access and undertake all QHSE related processes in a concise location. The online platform has allowed us to undertake our previous hardcopy processes listed below in a single live environment minimizing downtime onsite.

The improvements made at this club are substantial, and impressive, and speak for themselves. This is a club that continues to improve and strives for excellence in an incredibly competitive market.

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