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Delivery Method

Pro Health Care

New Medical Centre

This project was delivered in 2 stages and required a very demanding construction timeline & client mobilisation transition.

The requirements of the design were extremely detailed, with the design and materials selected being of a contemporary nature which was unlike most medical centres previously constructed.

This project entailed logistical difficulties as the client through Partek’s recommendation opted to occupy there existing premises & not move off site which stood no more than a few metres from the new building. The buildings split level design created access issues which added strain to both the site parameters & neighbours adjacent which resulted in careful logistical planning.

The interiors consisted of various selections of contemporary floor finishes; alternative laminates, veneers, stone and 2 pack finishes on furniture; carefully selected wall finishes including feature walls; and various ceiling designs and finishes to accommodate the extensive lighting and air conditioning layout.

The exterior comprised a fully serviced carpark whilst landscaped surrounds were complimented with drought resistant plants and an outdoor courtyard facility which also acts as a complimentary Alfresco Gym & Rehab Area.

All involved in the construction project from Partek’s side should be commended for their level of professional ability and knowledge and we would have no hesitation in considering Partek for future capital projects at the College.

Mark Clayton / Investigator College