Benson Radiology


Benson Radiology



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Fixed Lump Sum

Benson Radiology

North Eastern Community Hospital

Partek worked closely with the Bensons Radiology team to deliver this brand-new facility providing all attendees with state-of-the-art new MRI, OPG and X-ray Machines. The space has been completely transformed from what was previously a paved under-croft area to now house the new Bensons Radiology facility within the Northeastern Community Hospital.

To achieve this, Partek worked closely with the operating hospital, to ensure all surrounding facilities could continue to operate during the fast tracked construction process. The helpful team at Bensons Radiology now occupy the newly developed space and have as a result seen an influx in attendees to their clinic in this space. Partek continue to develop a relationship with Bensons Radiology and look forward to future collaborated projects.

The final product has in many instances exceeded our own expectations.

John-Paul Chitti / Chitti Corp