Brenton Lunn

Managing Director

Staying close to the coalface of Partek projects not only gives Managing Director Brenton Lunn a unique insight into the needs and expectations of all levels of stakeholders, but it allows for the implementation of Partek’s broader strategic underpinnings, including client satisfaction, team cohesiveness, efficiency and time/budget management.

Brenton’s capability in building relationships, using collaboration and effective, inclusive communication has been at the helm of his role for more than two decades.

Brenton is an active member of the Master Builders Association, and believes in a strong future for the construction industry in South Australia. He is also passionate about being part of the solution, and helping drive resilience and innovation in the industry as a whole.

Developing skills and career pathways for the next generation is a source of pride and motivator for Brenton, who commenced at Partek on day one out of university himself. To this end, he has initiated a range of programs and methods to help young people gain the skills, experience and confidence they need to progress from study through to meaningful and diverse careers within the company and industry.

Brenton is committed to Partek’s vision to be recognised as South Australia’s commercial builder of choice, and frames each discussion, decision and direction around this ethos.

Experienced in a range of areas including administration, project management, estimation, construction management and leadership, Brenton is proud to have played a role in helping build Partek’s reputation and capacity as a multi-award winning, $50 million revenue operation.

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Throughout the project the team was a joy to work with, indeed we felt that we were all on the same side in bringing our client a splendid result.

George Apollonio / Hodgkison