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Partek is committed to ensuring that all staff, subcontractors and visitors remain safe while at work on any Partek site. Senior management has committed many resources to ensure that the WHS process within the company continues to be improved in order to ensure the safety of all staff.

Partek’s WHS committee have been a driving force in the implementation of many changes, and the committee in their regular monthly meetings identifies areas that need improvement within the workplace.

Site safety is critical, and information provided to an employee or subcontractor at the commencement of their work on that site will help to ensure that that employee/subcontractor remains safe. With the help of our employees on site, the committee and senior management identified a number of tools which will ensure that all employees/subcontractors and visitors are given the essential safety information required while they are on a Partek site.

The “Site Safety Booklet” is another communication tool which Partek distributes to employees and subcontractors. This small hand held booklet details various aspects which need to be considered when working to ensure that the individual is kept safe. The book is designed to be kept in a toolbox so that the employee/subcontractor readily has information at hand should they require a “refresher” on a certain safety issue.

Partek gained Government accreditation in 2009 for its WHS processes. The first process of this accreditation was to implement a system which is in line with the Australian Standard 4801:2001.

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“The attention to detail and the flexibility across the project was evident as no challenge along the way was too difficult to overcome. Overall the final product was first class, the project was completed on time and on budget.”

Peter McCabe
Business Manager Operations, Sacred Heart College

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